Anti-Leak Straps
Swift FX and Nano

The Anti Leak Strap holds the cushion more in line with your face,
for a better seal.
This is especially useful at higher pressures.
The strap fits on the elbow portion of the mask, wraps around your head, and is
secured with Velcro. You can wear it either above your ears or over them,
without interfering with your hearing. There is a hook section of velcro on the
inside of the back of the strap to help prevent slipping.

The Anti Leak strap is extremely durable, machine washable.
If you have an extra large or an extra small head, please note that in the
comments section, I can adjust the length for you.
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Note: Do not use this strap on any mask where it may
cover the vent holes of the mask even if it fits on the mask.
ResMed Mirage Quattro, Quattro FX, Ultra Mirage Full Face,
Fisher Paykel Simplus, 431, 432, Forma.
Phillips Respironics Amara, Comfort Gel Full Face.
Anti-Leak Strap
One Single Strap
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The Special Anti Leak Strap for the AirFit F20 is here