Nose Bridge Protection works best on
Mirage Quattro  (includes Forehead Pad)
This does not work on the Quattro Air or the Mirage FX without
taping the flap in place inside the mask.
All Nose Bridge Protectors have Forehead Pads sewn onto them.
PAD A CHEEK Nose Bridge protection

The pad will help prevent the bridge of your nose from becoming red and sore.
A Forehead Pad secures the Nose Bridge Protector to the mask

When choosing which of the PAD A CHEEK Nose Bridge Protectors you need,
consider the mask that you are using to order the correct ones.

Type A/B forehead part fits most ResMed and Philips/Respironics  masks.  
This one is for the Mirage Quattro, Activa, Activa LT, Micro, Comfort Gel nasal,
EasyLife, and some others
This is sold as a pair with a double padding flaps.

The Type E also fits these masks and is the thickest pad available.
This one has padding strategically placed to prevent soreness,
but also to not disrupt the mask seal.
Sold below as a single pad or as part of a set with A and B

Type C will fit the Quattro Air, MirageFX, Fisher Paykel 431 and 432,
Profile Lite and  Simplicity mask as well as some masks with a
very narrow forehead part of the mask. On masks with a double seal, the flap
tucks between the seals, on masks with only one layer, the flap must be taped
up or left hanging. You can trim the flap shorter if necessary.
This is sold as a pair with double flaps.

These are all made using the very best material and will not fade,
fray or shrink when washed. You should hand wash and air dry  for best results,
but they can be machine washed and dried.

For most of the people who have used these, they do not cause leaks. If you
have leaks into your eyes, discontinue use and contact us.
If you have any questions about these, please feel free to email us.
Nose Bridge Protector with
extra thick padding at top
and bottom of the flap  
(Type E)
Nose Bridge Protector
with a double flap
(Type B)
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Nose Bridge Protector B and E
$30.00 3 Piece set Thin, Medium and
Thick Nose Bridge Protectors
Especially For Mirage Quattro
Nose Bridge Protector for
Quattro Air,  MirageFX,
Fisher Paykel 431 and 432  
and Profile Lite Nasal Mask
(Type C)
Nose Bridge Protector B
For most ResMed and Philips Respironics masks
One Pair double flaps
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Red Aztec
Paint Dabble
Red Leaves
Dark Red Plaid
Green Vine
Grey Argyle
Paint Dabble
Red Aztec
Red Leaves
Green Vine
Dark Red Plaid
Grey Argyle
Nose Bridge Protector E
$16.00 One Single Piece with Extra Padding
Nose Bridge Protector C
For masks with a narrow forehead part as Quattro Air
$18.00 One Pair single and double flap
Package includes a FREE piece of extra padding for
the Forehead Pad if you want more thickness there.
These colors are not available in
all styles. Refer to drop down box
for available colors for each style.
Swift FX and Nano