WISP Side Strap Pads
Wisp Mask Liners
Swift FX and Nano
WISP Side Strap Pads
WISP Side Strap Pads
These strap pads soften the frame of the WISP and make it more comfortable
against your cheeks. The pads are made of Micro Fleece and are so soft and
durable. They are washable and re-usable. The installation is easy and
instructions are included with each pair. The two tubes slide over the 'arms' of the
frame and the velcro loop wraps securely around the frame near the seal. These
and out of the way to make adjustments to the straps.
Wisp Mask Liners
These are available in 4 sizes to fit whichever seal that you use.
face. It also helps the seal last longer. Washable and re-usable these mask
liners are made of the same very soft, smooth fabric as our other mask liners
on the Mask Liner page.
The grey mask liner looks nice with the green, red or navy side strap pads.
Mask Liner Wisp
For One Mask Liner
Please Select Color and Size
Light Blue