About PAD A CHEEK Products
Swift FX and Nano

In 2004 I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
I began my treatment and quickly realized there
The mask was uncomfortable and the straps left marks on my face.
It was hard to fall asleep with the new equipment.

After waking up and looking in the mirror on the first morning,
I knew I could do something to prevent my strap marks.
I made my own tubes from fleece to pad my straps,
and the PAD A CHEEK was born.
I improved the product over the first year, and then I decided to bring
PAD A CHEEK to the public.
As it turns out, we were the very first company to pad the CPAP interfaces.
After we started selling our products online, others began to imitate us.

For most people, PAD A CHEEK completely prevents strap marks;
for those who are very heavy sleepers, it greatly reduces the marks.
PAD A CHEEK makes whatever interface you are using more comfortable.
When you are comfortable, you sleep better.

PAD A CHEEK also allows you to customize and add style
to an otherwise very medical looking device.
If you do not see what you need, I can design a PAD A CHEEK for your
specific needs, just let me know.
It is our pleasure to help you sleep better.
  • My motivation for this is to bring
PAD A CHEEK products to as many Sleep
Apnea patients that need them, at a
reasonable price.

  • I also intend to provide excellent
    customer care. If you ever have a
    question or concern about my products,
    please feel free to contact me.

  • I want to help people with sleep apnea
    wake up with a smile;
feeling good about their appearance.